Fishing Trip to Lees Lake, Pernant, France by Adam Shore

So, 1am Saturday morning the lads and I set off to a lake in France called Lees Lake. Cruising from Devon we had a four-hour drive down to the Eurotunnel, then a short two-and-a-half-hour drive the other side, heading to near Pernant. We all drew pegs; my mate Harry and I came out second and ended up in a little bay off the back of the wind, which was one of my choice swims as it had a nice bay and a sand bar running off the point at range.

38lb mirror carp, Adam Shore, Lees Lake, France, 2016. Adam Shore, Lees Lake, France, 2016. 35lb 2oz mirror carp, Adam Shore, Lees Lake, France, 2016. Adam & Harry with a brace of commons, Lees Lake, France, 2016. Adam's common weighing 24lb 13oz. Adam & Harry with a brace of carp, Lees Lake, France, 2016. Adam's carp weighing 28lb. 28lb, Adam Shore, Lees Lake, France, 2016. 25lb, Adam Shore, Lees Lake, France, 2016. 31lb 8oz, Adam Shore, Lees Lake, France, 2016.

After spending a few hours getting the rods out and bait over the top, we set the camp up and had some tea. Around 8pm, my left-hand rod fishing on the sand bar had ripped off and landed a low-double mirror, which I was extremely happy with to get off the mark.

The darkness fell and off to sleep absolutely shattered after the long drive, but I had a nice wake-up call at 5am with a huge 38lb mirror gracing my net, which I was over the moon with considering it’s a new lake with only around seven or eight 40s and being in amongst the bigger fish so early!

I didn’t have any more action until half-three in the afternoon when I caught a bream, followed up by another low-double. Tea at around 5 and reset the rods ready for night two. Around 8pm the right-hand rod, which was around 40 yards out to the right and the last rod to produce, went off and I had a boat battle as she weeded me up, but safely put the net around a 35lb 2oz mirror which I was so happy to catch as this time I was fully awake and could soak it all in!

4.15am carnage hit the swim with me receiving a double take with a brace of 20lb commons, and my friend Harry in the same double swim landing a common and mirror both mid-20s. With all the slings and nets taken up we commenced with photos and weighing: My first common went 24lb 13oz and second landing 28lb on the nose. As the photos were happening my third and final rod in the water dashed into life, but unfortunately fell off about 10 seconds into the fight! I couldn’t moan with the results we just had, and got some good photos.

During the day the fish seemed to push out into the body of the lake, so I just baited the spots and waited for the third night to commence. So, the third night was very quiet with no fish showing in the area, but patience paid off on the fourth night when I hooked another fish, but unfortunately lost.

No more action that night, but coming into night five I had a bit more confidence as I saw a few shows through the day, and at 4am the middle rod melted off and I landed a 25lb mirror. The next night again unfortunately was uneventful, I had baited the spots and positioned the rigs with fresh hook baits ready for the final night. I was awoken in the morning to a screaming run and a long battle with a very angry fish fighting very hard right up to the net, it weighed in at 31lb 8oz. Took some great photos at first light and then the dreaded pack up with seven days worth of gear. Had a great week with some good mates and had a laugh all week as well. Until next year…

Adam Shore

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